Stephen Shapiro, Best-Selling Author of Best Practices Are Stupid and Dr. Karen Keller, Influence Expert, Discuss Innovation
“The outstanding response to Stephen’s interview clearly shows how hungry women are for pragmatic information to help them develop their innovative and creative skills. Often many women are afraid of sharing their ideas at work. Stephen dispels the myths around women, men and innovation. Stephen speaks passionately about his innovative philosophy and things solopreneurs can do every day to keep their innovation juices flowing,” stated Keller. “He goes beyond information to inspire women. Stephen speaks frankly and as you listen, you come to realize just how much he supports women in the innovation process.”
Innovation is more than brainstorming, or thinking outside-the-box. It is the essence for survival in the marketplace. Innovation requires adaptability, diversity and a competitive spirit, or in other words “finding a better box” according to Stephen Shapiro, author of the #1 innovation book of 2011, Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition.
In Powerful Influencers first installment, Shapiro talks candidly, offering tips for focusing on problem definition, opportunity discovery, and natural capabilities. He talks about the nature/nurture aspect of how men and women respond to the call to innovate at work.
Source: Innovation is More Than Brainstorm

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