Since I’m always traveling and love to keep informed about electric cars, I was pleased to see that Nissan stepped up and is selling the Leaf electric vehicle in All 50 States in North America.

This is a big step forward for electric vehicles and also the innovative way in which they are built. The batteries are manufactured on one side of the plant and the car is assembled on the other side.

It’s all made in America. That’s the best part. We have to get all electric cars to be sold in all 50 states. Besides we need more EVs sold period.

However, the consumer market will drive the electric car. Just like it did with the Prius, the old General Motors EV1 and the Toyota Rav4 electric car. Ironically, the Rav4 was crushed in the early 2000’s and is coming back with a new Tesla drive system.

You can’t kill the electric car.

The Nissan Leaf is Being Sold in All 50 States

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