The HYVE team, are delighted to tell you about the new and very interesting open innovation idea contest “ideabird” which was launched at

HYVE AG based in Munich (Germany) and founded in 2000 – has many years of experience in the context of developing and managing open innovation or co-creation platforms, establishing idea management systems, conducting Web2.0 and Social Media activities, and building and managing creative innovation communities. The platform technology is based on the HYVE IdeaNet®, a web based idea- and innovation software, which has already successfully been applied to several industries for the purpose of generating new ideas and innovations. On HYVE’s platforms, participants can share their ideas and knowledge, co-create and evaluate submissions, find partners, and discuss openly.

Collaborating with Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, and the RWTH University of Aachen, we want use the ideabird platform to jointly develop ideas for future application possibilities of M2M (machine to machine) communication technologies with you.

Having participated in the Siemens Smart Grid Contest, we think this contest can provide an interesting platform for you to further develop ideas and application possibilities for an intelligent, flexibly controllable electrical generation, distribution and consumption as well as other thoughts on the field of M2M* communication technologies.(For a more detailed explanation of M2M technology, please visit: “What is this contest about”)

Contest participants can share their ideas and collaborate with an innovative community to develop the best solutions until April 10, 2012.
Prizes worth a total of $10,000

The three contest members with the best ideas will be awarded prizes worth a total of $10,000. These winners and additional valuable users will also be invited to participate in an innovation workshop with RWTH Aachen University and HYVE to further discuss and develop their ideas.

Also, you can contact them at if you have any further questions regarding the contest.

If you are interested in further information from the HYVE Innovation Community send an email to

Source: HYVE Innovation Community GmbH · Schellingstr. 45 · Munich 80799

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