Catalyzing the adoption of greener and healthier technologies for buildings, cars and other energy applications faces a lot of headwind  – even when it is economically beneficial.   This is not particular to green tech — it is the case whenever a new tech comes about that brings new behaviors.

Some groups now are applying game mechanics to drive the adoption of green technologies. (greenbiz article).  A case study from the piece:

SAP employees earn points through a carpooling game called TwoGo, aimed at making carpooling easy and socially cool. Employees win points by entering information about themselves; the game matches them with drivers going where and when they need to get to work. Riders also earn points by such things as answering questions about their fellow riders. The game has been credited with taking thousands of cars off the road while helping build social ties among employees. Since many of these vehicles are company cars, there are direct cost savings to SAP.

other examples out there?


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