Jack D Hidary Huffington Post Article

Jack Hidary's piece on the price of oil has been featured in the Huffington Post.

Oil Gone Wild

The price of oil struck an ominous chord for the US economy with
yesterday's record trade of $147 per barrel. At these prices we are
sending more than $1 million every minute of every day to oil rich
countries. As oil hits a new high the dollar has hit a record low
against the euro. Our equity is draining away and flowing to foreign

How can we get ourselves out of this mess? This crisis will take
nothing short of a restructuring of our core industrial and transport
sectors. Just as a turnaround CEO comes in to fix a troubled company,
we need a retooling to rid ourselves of oil dependency. We do not need
politicians looking for fake fixes such as a summer gas tax holiday.

We do not need the President of the United States of America to beg
sheiks for a bit more of the black gold. Keep your dignity, Mr.