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Global Leaders of Tomorrow Task Force on Benchmarking Philanthropy


The Task Force on Philanthropy focuses on identifying and developing best
practices in charitable giving. There are currently no set of measurements or
best practices which are universely adopted in assessing philanthropy in the
corporate or foundation sectors

In its first phase of work, the Task Force retained a consultant who collected
and synthesized the leading thought in the field. Anyone who is working in the
NGO world or indeed any GLT involved in Philanthropy on a personal or
professional level will be interested in this group and we are delighted to add
to the team with people who can contribute with ideas, fund raising, contacts or
in any other way.

Read the GLT Task Force Press Release on the benchmarking report
"Philanthropy Measures Up".

Jack D. Hidary was named a Global Leader of Tomorrow of the
World Economic Forum.

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