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The National Committee on United States-China Relations Icon_uschina

The National Committee on United States-China Relations is a
nonprofit educational organization that encourages understanding of China and
the United States between citizens of both countries. The Committee’s continuity
of experience and depth of associations with senior officials and distinguished
citizens of China and the United States make it a unique national resource.
Established in 1966 by a broad coalition of scholars and civic, religious, and
business leaders, the Committee was founded in the belief that vigorous debate
of China policy among Americans was essential and that balanced public education
could clarify U.S. interests and strengthen our foreign policy. Similarly, the
founders believed that over time dialogue with Chinese citizens would enhance
mutual understanding, a basic requirement for stable and productive relations.

The Committee focuses its exchange, educational, and policy programs on
international relations, economic development and management, governance and
legal affairs, environmental and other global concerns, mass communication, and
education administration – addressing these issues with respect to the People’s
Republic, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan. The Committee’s programs draw strength from
its members, who now number more than 750 Americans from all parts of the
country and nearly 100 corporations and professional firms. They represent many
viewpoints, but share the belief that increased public knowledge of China and
U.S.-China relations require ongoing public education, face-to-face contact and
forthright exchange of ideas.

Jack D. Hidary is a Young Leadership Fellow of the National

OneVoice Icon_onevoice

OneVoice is a global undertaking focusing on amplifying the
voice of moderates and empowering Palestinians and Israelis at the grass-roots
level to seize back the agenda away from violent extremists. OneVoice strives to
achieve broad-based consensus on core issues, configuring a roadmap for conflict

OneVoice, conceived by the PeaceWorks Foundation, was developed by over two
hundred Palestinian, Israeli and international community leaders, and is an
umbrella initiative owned by local and international grassroots and other member
organizations and a set of boards dedicated to strengthening the voice of

Jack D. Hidary is a member of the Board of Trustees of

Asia Society Icon_asiasoc

The Asia Society is America’s leading institution dedicated
to fostering understanding of Asia and communication between Americans and the
peoples of Asia and the Pacific.

A national nonprofit, nonpartisan
educational organization, the Society provides a forum for building awareness of
the more than thirty countries broadly defined as the Asia-Pacific region – the
area from Japan to Iran, and from Central Asia to New Zealand, Australia and the
Pacific Islands. Through art exhibitions and performances, films, lectures,
seminars and conferences, publications and assistance to the media, and
materials and programs for students and teachers, the Asia Society presents the
uniqueness and diversity of Asia to the American people.

National Committe on American Foreign Policy Icon_amerforeignpolicy

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP)
was founded in 1974 by Professors Hans J. Morgenthau, George D. Schwab, and
others to serve as a nonprofit, independent foreign policy think tank to help
shape U.S. foreign policy. Among its members are experts from the world of
diplomacy and academia and leaders from business and the professions. The
purpose of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy is to identify and
articulate American foreign policy interests from a nonpartisan perspective
within the framework of political realism.

A distinguishing activity of the NCAFP is the publication of firm, reasoned
positions designed to help formulate U.S. foreign policy. When, after study and
discussion, the Committee or one of its study groups reaches a consensus on an
aspect of foreign policy that affects American national interests, the NCAFP
makes that judgment known to the administration, Congress, the media, and the
general public.