The Foundation recognizes that no charity program will ever
solve the problem of poverty alone. Only through a combination of innovative
social enterprise and market forces can we hope to address the needs of the more
than 2 billion people worldwide who live on less than $2 a day.

Foundation targets microfinancial services as one component of the solution to
the poverty problem. While microfinance initially focused on microlending, this
has proven to be only one of several tools necessary to create a self-sustaining
development program. The Foundation works with other organizations, academics
and other practitioners to identify the best mix of tools in each geographical

The Foundation also focuses on the economic environment in New
York City. The Foundation supports various private sector groups who work on
improving the financial state of NY and increasing economic opportunities for
the residents of the city.

The Foundation currently supports the
following organizations:
Trickle Up 

Icon_trickleup_logo_4Founded in 1979, the Trickle Up Program helps the poorest of
the poor take their first step up out of poverty by providing them with
conditional seed capital grants and business training to help them start or
expand their own businesses. The organization empowers the world’s most
impoverished people in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the United States, to
realize their potential and strengthen their communities.

The Trickle Up Program philosophy is simple: provide a way for people with the
lowest income to start their own businesses, and they will seize the opportunity
to help themselves – and this belief has been confirmed more than a hundred
thousand times.

Jack D. Hidary is a board member of Trickle Up and
participated in a panel discussion at Trickle Up’s 2000 Annual Event.


Citizens Budget Commission Icon_citizensbudget

The Citizens Budget Commission is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
civic organization devoted to influencing constructive change in the finances
and services of New York City and New York State government.

CBC was founded in 1932, a time of great fiscal crisis, when a group of
distinguished civic leaders decided to start a research organization that would
analyze the City’s finances, evaluate the management of City government, report
on these matters to its members, and recommend improvements to municipal
officials. In 1984 CBC expanded this analysis to the fiscal affairs of State

Jack D. Hidary is a Trustee of the Citizen’s Budget
Commission and sits on the the Budget Committee, the Technology Committee and
the Innovations Committee.

Accion New York Small_accion_2

ACCION New York and New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that
contributes to the economic development of the New York metropolitan
region by providing loans and advisory services to individuals and
small businesses that do not have access to traditional sources of