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The Hidary Foundation supported the effort to create the Freedom Prize Foundation  with language in the Energy Act of 2005 for $5 million in prizes to be
administered in cooperation with the Department of Energy for implementation of
clean technology in the transportation sector.

X-Prize Icon_xprize

The Hidary Foundation promotes the use of prizes as a
motivation to create change in the energy and transportation sectors. The
Foundation supported the X-Prize
and now holds a position as Co-Chair on the Energy X-Prize in development.   

Clinton Global Initiative Photo5180_2

President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
in 2005 as a non-partisan catalyst for action, bringing together a
community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative
solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) endeavor of the William J Clinton Foundation ,
CGI draws strength from a highly diverse membership base that
represents the full spectrum of political, ideological, religious,
ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. Members include current and former
heads of state, top business executives, preeminent scholars, and
representatives of key non-governmental organizations working together
for a common cause.

The defining characteristics of the Clinton
Global Initiative are its action-oriented nature and its track record
of converting pioneering ideas into viable solutions with tangible
results. CGI members develop ‘commitments to action’, focusing on
practical, effective problem-solving measures that can be taken now.
Member commitments are comprehensive, formal plans of action with
timetables for evaluating progress. They are developed within one or
more CGI areas of focus, which change annually to address the most
imperative global issues requiring attention. We have designated
education, energy & climate change, global health, and poverty
alleviation as the areas of focus for 2007.

Jack D Hidary is a founding member of CGI.

Sustainability: The Journal of Record

Sustainability: The Journal Records meets the needs of the rapidly growing community of professionals in
academia, industry, policy, and government who have the responsibility
and commitment to advancing one of the major imperatives of this young

The Journal
provides the information and resources to foster collaboration, between
sustainability managers, educators, corporate executives,
administrators, policy makers, economists, and technology innovators
who have the mandate to address and move forward the imperatives of the
preservation and sustainability of global resources.

Jack Hidary is a member of the Editorial Board of Sustainability – The Journal of Record.